Americans and the Holocaust

In this workshop, based on the USHMM’s online exhibit, teachers will examine the motives, pressures, and fears that shaped American attitudes and responses to the threats of Nazism and the Holocaust during the 1930s and 1940s. Teachers will learn about actions taken at all levels of society—by the government, the media, other organizations, and individual citizens—and how opportunities for action changed over time. This workshop promotes reflection and critical thinking about various factors that shaped attitudes and actions during that time and the factors that influence us today.

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Before you come to this workshop:

  • Consider taking the Canvas course to build your background knowledge and earn an additional .4 digital literacy renewal credits. More information coming soon!
  • Make sure you have seen both The Path to Nazi Genocide and Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust videos on our Before you attend page.
  • If you would like hard copies of the handouts we will use in the workshop, print the materials below before you come.

Download and print these materials to bring to the workshop if you would like hard copies:

USHMM Rationale Statements
World Cafe Reference Guide
Teaching Materials on
Americans and the Holocaust
History Unfolded: Student Packet

Agenda for Americans and the Holocaust

Below, you will see the agenda for this workshop, which also has all of the presentations and files embedded in it for your use. Please note that we may make adjustments to the schedule and topics, but we will let you know what those adjustments are when you are with us at the workshop.

Welcome, Introduction, and LogisticsWelcome to the Workshop Google Slides Presentation
Key Concepts from USHMM’s AATHWorld Cafe Reference Guide
USHMM Rationale Statements
Part I: AATH (1933-1937)
Americans in the Holocaust Through Nazi Germany
Teaching Materials on
Americans and the Holocaust
American Newsreels and
Timeline Activity: Layer #1 (Historical Events)

Americans and the Holocaust Online Exhibit

USHMM Timeline Activity

  (1938-1941) It Is 1938 and Americans Who Dared
Americans and the Holocaust Online Exhibit
Refugee Ships at SeaAmericans and the Holocaust Online Exhibit
Part III: AATH (1938-1941; 1942-1945)
World War II and This Is the Enemy
Americans and the Holocaust Online Exhibit
Part IV: AATH (1942-1945)
1942 Through Public Opinion Poll: December 1945
Americans and the Holocaust Online Exhibit
History Unfolded activityHistory Unfolded: Student Packet
Transition and BreakN/A
Holocaust SurvivorNC Council Survivor Speaker Page
Wrap-Up and EvaluationsClick Here to go to the Evaluations page
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