History, Holocaust, and Digital Literacy in the Global Classroom

The NC Council on the Holocaust is partnering with Centropa for this workshop. Centropa is an excellent resource for Holocaust educators. Their work centers around Jewish life before and after the Holocaust. This workshop will feature local NC survivors and the Centropa film of their story of survival. Holocaust education is enhanced by the study of Jewish life and Jewish contributions in Europe before the war, as well as stories of survival and Jewish life post-WWII.

Centropa works with American, European, and Israeli teachers in seminars around the world. Each summer they host a Summer Academy in Europe with teachers from the US, Israel, and Europe.

Check out Centropa.org to see their website, films, and teacher resources.

2019 Greensboro Holocaust Teacher Workshop Flier

Please print the following handouts before attending the workshop, History, Holocaust, and Digital Literacy in the Global Classroom.

Rationale for Teaching about the Holocaust

Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust

Pyramid of Hate ADL


Videos and Website Links for the Workshop

Centropa website

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Other Resources Used for the Workshop

“The Two Deaths”

1 USHMM Guidelines PowerPoint


1 Timeline Years

2 Victim ID Cards

3 Laws and Decrees Timeline

4 Holocaust & WWII Timeline

5 US-World Response Timeline



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