• North Carolina is fortunate to have many Holocaust educational resources for its teachers. The NC Holocaust Council is especially proud to introduce a growing cadre of individuals who are available to act as state-wide resources for teachers as their needs arise.
  • The following is a list of these Holocaust educators and professionals, most of whom are members of the Council and its Workshop Committee, and who are available to teachers across the state. 
  • As teachers discover the need for ordering Holocaust texts, creating lesson plans using Best Practices, learning about upcoming events, or scheduling traveling exhibits or speakers, we recommend contacting one of these individuals for assistance. Bios include email, phone numbers, and locations.

Mike Abramson, NC Holocaust Council Chair: Mike-Bio

Mitch Rifkin, Chairman, North Carolina Holocaust Foundation

Karen Klaich, Co-Director Teacher Workshops (East)

Juanita Ray, Co-Director Teacher Workshops (West)


Workshop Presenters:

1. Karen Klaich- Karen Klaich Bio Updated

2. Juanita Ray- Juanita- Bio

3. Laurie Schaefer- Laurie Schaefer Bio

4. Lauren Piner- Lauren Piner Bio


Traveling Exhibit Coordinators

1.Amy Clark-Amy Clark Bio

2. Lee Holder-Lee-Bio

3. Cheryl Lange- Cheryl-Bio

4. Garrett Southerland- Garrett-Bio


Teacher Workshop Committee Members and Adjunct Presenters:

1. Chrisy Horgan-Chrisy-Bio

2. MJ Limbo-MJ — bio

3. Lynda Moss-Bio for Lynda Moss for Council Website


Special Organizational Coordinators:

1. Talli Dippold- Talli-Bio 2

2. Sharon Halperin-Sharon Halperin











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