Contemporary Antisemitism and Responding to Hate in Our Communities


For this workshop, are partnering with Echoes and Reflections. We will have access to brand new antisemitism resources recently updated by Echoes. This workshop touches on historical antisemitism, the rise of  antisemitic speech and activity in our country, factors that lead to the rise of Nazism in Germany and genocide in other regions, and our response , as educators, to the rise of hate and intolerance we witness in our own communities.

To register for this workshop, look under the tab, “Register for a Workshop” and find the workshop information in our lists of workshops. There you will find the registration link.

Prerequisite readings/viewings for the workshop:

Please download and print the following handouts for our workshop:


USHMM Rationale Worksheet

USHMM Guideline Notes

The Ten Stages of Genocide Posters -Final


Other resources for this workshop:

Echoes and Reflections website

Frank Meeink podcast





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