NC Holocaust Curriculum Resources


With the dramatic rise in antisemitism, not only around the world, but also right here in North Carolina, and with a thirty percent increase in antisemitic incidents just in 2022, the Gizella Abramson Holocaust and Genocide curriculum has been designed to take students through the lessons of the Holocaust and apply them to the world of today. Educators will teach students the reasons why we must work to combat the rise in hatred, whether it be across the street or around the world.


This legislation, named after Holocaust survivor Gizella Abramson, expects English and Social Studies teachers in grades 6-12 to begin integrating teaching about the Holocaust, topics related to histories connecting to the Holocaust, and genocide, in their courses in August of 2023. This act also directs the Department of Public Instruction and the NC Council on the Holocaust to create curriculum resources and support the teaching of the Holocaust in these grades and subjects, as well as to identify standards in both ELA and Social Studies that connect to teaching topics related to the Holocaust and other genocides.


Additionally, this legislation provides for the creation of an optional elective course on the Holocaust, which will be offered beginning in the 2024-2025 school year.