Exploring Deadly Medicine and Eugenics

Hitler and his henchmen victimized an entire continent and exterminated millions in his quest for a co-called “Master Race;” but the concept of a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed master Nordic race didn’t originate with Hitler. The idea was created in the United States and cultivated in California decades before Hitler came to power. California eugenicists played an important, although little known, role in the American eugenics movement’s campaign for ethnic cleansing; and here in North Carolina, eugenicists followed suit and conducted their own forced sterilization program that lasted for fifty years.

This program will explore the Holocaust’s roots in then-contemporary scientific and pseudo-scientific thought; at the same time, teachers will examine the complex ethical issues faced today, such as how societies acquire and use scientific knowledge and how they balance the rights of the individual with the needs of the larger community. The workshop will allow participants to explore instructional strategies designed to support difficult topics in not only history and English classes, but health science classes as well. This session will be interactive, reflective, and collaborative, while building teacher capacity to create and sustain learning environments that develop and promote a more humane and informed group of citizens.

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Before you come to this workshop:

  • Consider taking the Canvas course to build your background knowledge and earn an additional .4 digital literacy renewal credits. More information coming soon!
  • Make sure you have seen both The Path to Nazi Genocide and Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust videos on our Before you attend page.
  • If you would like hard copies of the handouts we will use in the workshop, print the materials below before you come.

Download and print these materials to bring to the workshop if you would like hard copies:

USHMM Nazi Racism Lesson

Agenda for Deadly Medicine and Eugenics

Below, you will see the agenda for this workshop, which also has all of the presentations and files embedded in it for your use. Please note that we may make adjustments to the schedule and topics, but we will let you know what those adjustments are when you are with us at the workshop.

Welcome, Introduction, and LogisticsWelcome to the Workshop Google Slides Presentation
The Two Deaths Teaching Strategy
Introductory Video:
Race: The Power of An Illusion, Episode 1
Race: The Power of An Illusion, Episode 1
The World Cafe discussion methodWorld Cafe Reference Guide
Chapter I
(1863-1919): Introduction to Eugenics
USHMM Encyclopedia
Chapter II
(1919-1933): Science as Salvation:Weimar Eugenics
USHMM Encyclopedia
The Eye of the Beholder (video clip and discussion)
The Eye of the Beholder
Morning BreakN/A 
Chapter III
(1933-1939) The Biological State: Nazi Racial Hygiene
USHMM Encyclopedia
USHMM’s Nazi Racism lessonUSHMM Nazi Racism Lesson
Lunch N/A
The Psychology of Perpetrators (video clip) and
Perpetrator Jigsaw Case Study activity
Reserve Police Battalion 101
(1939-1945) Final Solutions:
Murderous Racial Hygiene And The Nuremberg Trials
USHMM Encyclopedia
Exploring Justice
Anticipation Guide and Four Corners Activity
Justice After the Holocaust: Anticipation Guide
What You Do MattersAssessment

USHMM Rationale Statements
Transition/Break N/A
Holocaust SurvivorNC Council Survivor Speaker Page
Wrap-up and EvaluationsClick Here to go to the Evaluations Page
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