Nazi Propaganda and Education in the Third Reich

What role did teachers play in the Holocaust? Under the Third Reich, teachers were obligated to join the National Socialist Teacher’s League and take an oath to Adolf Hitler. Despite these obligations, though, teachers were still able to make individual choices…complying with Nazi ideology or acting in opposition. This program will combine the pressures teachers felt working under the Nazi regime, the range of decisions individuals made in the face of those pressures, and the relevance of that history now. We will combine this history with the ways propaganda influenced the lives of these teachers as well as the lives of their students.  Best practices will examine ways teachers can help their students examine propaganda through Nazi racism.

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Before you come to this workshop:

  • Consider taking the Canvas course to build your background knowledge and earn an additional .4 digital literacy renewal credits. More information coming soon!
  • Make sure you have seen both The Path to Nazi Genocide and Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust videos on our Before you attend page.

Agenda for Nazi Propaganda and Education in the Third Reich

Below, you will see the agenda for this workshop, which also has all of the presentations and files embedded in it for your use. Please note that we may make adjustments to the schedule and topics, but we will let you know what those adjustments are when you are with us at the workshop.

Welcome, Introduction, and LogisticsWelcome to the Workshop Google Slides Presentation
Faces of the EnemyGoogle Slides presentation for Faces of the Enemy and Nazi Racism Lesson
Sam Keene Faces of the Enemy Trailer Vimeo Link
Sam Keene The Art of Enemy Making You Tube Link
USHMM:  Nazi Racism Lesson
(Parts of the lesson will be used)
USHMM Nazi Racism Lesson
USHMM: Dr. Steven Luckert on Nazi PropagandaRecording of Dr. Luckert’s Presentation
Morning BreakN/A
USHMM: State of Deception, Intro to PropagandaUSHMM Online Exhibit for State of Deception
Introduction to Propaganda Google Slides Presentation
Analyzing the State of DeceptionStudent Packet for Propaganda Lesson
Propaganda Printables for Lesson
Examples of Modern Propaganda
USHMM Teaching Materials on Propaganda
Order timeline cards from the USHMM
USHMM Oath and Opposition
Education in the Third Reich
Education in the Third Reich Introduction Google Slides
Education in the Third Reich Student Handout
USHMM Oath and Opposition Introduction Video
Oath and Opposition Student Handout
Oath and Opposition Case Studies
Survivor Testimony for Oath and Opposition
(scroll to bottom of page and advance videos by arrows)
The Poisonous Mushroom
(Extra Materials not covered in this workshop)
Education for Death Prologue
Education for Death: Boys
Education for Death: Girls
Poisonous Mushroom Google Slides Introduction
Poisonous Mushroom Handout
Poisonous Mushroom Stories
Holocaust SurvivorNC Council Survivor Speaker Page
Return to Rivne Centropa Film
Centropa Materials to Teach the Film
October 2020 Webinar Recording of Shelly Weiner Testimony
Wrap-Up and EvaluationsClick here to go to the Evaluations page
NC Council Lesson Connections: Oath and Opposition Lesson
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