Why Teach the Holocaust?

This workshop will ask participants to reflect on basic Holocaust history, understanding that it was a watershed event in the history of the world, while examining the choices that people, groups, and governments made during World War II. We will review the ideas of how democratic institutions can be easily pulled apart through apathy and neglect. Best Practices activities will include ways to help our students understand the ramifications of racism, prejudice, and stereotyping, and why we need to continue to teach the lessons of the Holocaust in the twenty-first century. 

To register for the Why Teach the Holocaust? workshop, click here.

Before you come to this workshop:

  • Consider taking the Canvas course to build your background knowledge and earn an additional .4 digital literacy renewal credits. More information coming soon!
  • Make sure you have seen both The Path to Nazi Genocide and Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust videos on our Before you attend page.
  • If you would like hard copies of the handouts we will use in the workshop, print the materials below before you come.

Download and print these materials to bring to the workshop if you would like hard copies:

Agenda for Why Teach the Holocaust?

Below, you will see the agenda for this workshop, which also has all of the presentations and files embedded in it for your use. Please note that we may make adjustments to the schedule and topics, but we will let you know what those adjustments are when you are with us at the workshop.

Welcome, Introduction, and Logistics
Rationale Statements and Objectives
Why Teach the Holocaust, Part I
Morning Break
USHMM Nazi Racism LessonUSHMM Nazi Racism Lesson
Introduction to
Understanding Nazi Symbols
Understanding Nazi Symbols
National Archives
Analysis Worksheets
Why Teach the Holocaust, Part II
Reemergence of Classic Themes and Stereotypes
The ADL Global 100ADL 100: Did you Know?
ADL 100: Antisemitism Today
Confronting AntisemitismFighting Prejudice
Using USHMM Podcasts
Transition and Break
Holocaust Survivor
Wrap-up and Evaluations
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