Reclaiming Our Humanity: Lessons of the Holocaust for Today

Part 1 of this 3-part series of programs will examine common beliefs and biases that often affect teacher and student ability to engage in necessary but difficult historical and current event conversations. This workshop will allow participants to explore instructional strategies designed to support anti-bias education and create supportive learning environments when the curriculum calls for teaching about difficult and controversial topics such as stereotypes, prejudice, racism, and antisemitism while reviewing the dark history of slavery and genocide. This session will be interactive, reflective and collaborative, while building teacher capacity to create and sustain learning environments that develop and promote a more humane and informed group of citizens.

October 11th Program Advertisment

*Mileage reimbursement paid to teachers from outside Wake County – please contact for more information.

Please download and print the following seven (7) handouts for the Reclaiming Our Humanity: Lessons of the Holocaust for Today workshop


Rationale for Teaching about the Holocaust – (Make two copies of this handout. Complete one and bring it to the program. Bring the second copy with you but leave it blank.

photo_analysis_worksheet (1)

The Power of the Press

“The Holocaust As A Call to Conscience” 

Ink Shedding Writing Activity #2

“Assessment” (Poem)

Other resources used during this workshop:

PDFs/Videos/Audio/Web Links:

“The Two Deaths”

Guidelines for Teaching about Genocide

The Ten Stages of Genocide Posters -Final

The World Cafe Instructions

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (abbreviated)

From the UN, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

First They Came (poem)

Links to Powerpoints, Videos, and Lessons Presented During the Workshop

Faces of the Enemy

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

October 11, 2019_ Genocides (1)

Slide Deck From the October 11 Holocaust Workshop – Race and Space Presentation (Post to Website for Attendees)

Follow Up Articles and Classroom Activities

Two Years After Charlottesville, These Women Are Taking The Alt-Right To Court

Smithsonian Article – World, Wake Up!

Genocide threat for Myanmar’s Rohingya greater than ever, investigators warn Human Rights Council

German Synagogue Shooting Was Far-Right Terror

Turkey Syria Offensive: Heavy Fighting on Second Day of Assault


Bios of Facilitators and Speakers

Zev Harel Bio

Karen Klaich Bio

N.C. Holocaust Council Workshop Presenter BIO – Michelle McLaughlin (1)










Program Agenda

Reclaiming Our Humanity: Lessons of the Holocaust for Today: (Remembering Our Past: Teaching Difficult History)

8:30 am-4:00 pm



Welcome, Overview, Logistics, Council Handbook                                         8:30-8:45                                           

I.  Historical Review of Genocide                                                                          8:45-9:55

   A.  A Chronology in Time      

   Transitional Break                                                                                                  9:55-10:00

   B. The Holocaust                                                                                                   10:00-11:00                                                                                         

     Transitional Break                                                                                                11:00-11:05

    C. Historical Review of Jim Crow                                                                     11:05-12:20

    Catered Lunch                                                                                                         12:20-12:55

II.  Holocaust survivor, Zev Harel, shares his story                                      12:55-2:05

  Transitional Break                                                                                                    2:05-2:15

III. The Holocaust As A Call to Conscience                                                        2:15-3:25

IV. Closing, Post Activities, and Evaluations                                                     3:25-4:00                                      

Reclaiming Our Humanity-Agenda Program #1


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