Workshop Dates 2019-2020:




December 2, 2019

8:00-3:30 pm

New Hanover County

Wilmington Board of Education Center 1805 S. 13th Street, NC 28401.

Echoes and Reflections LogoThe North Carolina Council on the Holocaust will partner with Echoes and Reflections for these workshops.

Please download and print the following SIX handouts for the Resistance workshop:

6.Gerda Weissmann Klein Podcast

Gerda Weissmann Klein Podcast link


Other Activities on Resistance. You May Want to Print for This Program.

1. – Why didn’t they just leave worksheet (on Museum letterhead) – Copy

2. 3 – Emigration from Germany – Updated June 2016 – Copy

3. 4 – Immigration Visas – Updated June 2016 – Copy

4. 5 – Klaus Langer Excerpt about Emigration – Copy

5. Countering_the_Single_Story


Videos/Website Links for the Workshop:

World Cafe Guidelines and Principles

Centropa Survival in Sarajevo

USHMM Lesson on Resistance


PowerPoints for the Workshop:

Photos for photo activity (The Two Deaths Part II)

USHMM Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust

World cafe model for resistance


Documents/PDFs Used in the Workshop:

“The Two Deaths”

World Cafe-Resistance

The World Cafe Instructions

North Carolina Holocaust Council Teacher Resource Guide

Example Resources List for a Holocaust Unit from Laurie Schaefer


Agenda for Resistance Workshop:

General Workshop Agenda 2019-2020

8:00-8:15: Welcome, Logistics, and Introductions

8:15-9:45: Topic Discussion and Interaction I (Echoes & Reflections)

9:45-9:50: Break

9:50-11:15: Topic Discussion and Interaction II (Echoes & Reflections)

11:15-12:00: Lunch

12:00-1:50: Best Practices

1:50-2:00: Break

2:00-3:10: Holocaust survivor/Q&A

3:10-3:30: Evaluations


News Stories

Local Goldsboro, NC Teacher Workshop (2:6:18)


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