Roots of Resistance: The Tuchyn Story

Roots of Resistance tells the story of one of the first Jewish uprisings during the Holocaust in Tuchyn, a town in western Ukraine. Students learn through about Jewish resistance during the Holocaust through survivor stories, digital tools, and interactive activities. The exhibit also teaches about the Holocaust by Bullets in what is now Ukraine, a region where 1.5 million Jews perished during World War II.
Any teacher can use the online exhibit (, which tells the story of the Tuchyn uprising. Teachers can also request the physical exhibit, which consists of three trees that easily install and transform classroom spaces. Each tree has a different arts and humanities activity for students, which deepens their understanding of the subject.
A team from UNC Greensboro’s History Department and the NC Council on the Holocaust built this exhibit specifically for students grades 8-12. Exhibit made accessible for students with disabilities.

Online and Physical Exhibit:

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