Substitute Information

Information about Substitute Reimbursement

  • Pay will be provided for public and charter school teacher substitutes, at rates established by the NC Department of Public Instruction.
  • There is no substitute code for the Teacher Workshops on the Holocaust.
  • Attending teachers must sign a substitute reimbursement form at the workshop for his/her county.  This form is returned to the Council and forwarded to DPI for processing. Reimbursement is via NC DPI Allotment revisions for PRC 003, not checks.

Substitute Reimbursement Process

Step 1

Sign up for a workshop and then request a substitute through your county’s process. Inform your financial secretary that there is not a budget code, but that the district will be reimbursed for the substitute after you attend and the substitute reimbursement form is brought back to the district financial officer.

Step 2

Come to the workshop and sign in. At the end of the day, one person from your district will be asked to take the official substitute reimbursement form which will list all teachers from your district who attended, and give it to your district financial officer (not the school). Make sure you fill out the evaluation at the end of the workshop so you can also get renewal credits.

Step 3

Once the district financial officer receives the form and completes it, the form is then sent back to the workshop coordinator, who then sends it to its final destination at the Department of Public Instruction. From there, DPI will get the reimbursement forms to the school system to pay for your substitute.

If you have any questions about this process you can contact either Karen Klaich at or Juanita Ray at If you need to contact DPI directly to verify this process, please contact:

NC Department of Public Instruction
Phone: (984) 236-2441
Fax: (919) 807-3723

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