Why Teach the Holocaust in 2019-2020


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March 18, 2020 Why Teach the Holocaust in 2020? Caldwell County Click here to register

This program will ask participants to reflect on basic Holocaust history, understanding that it was a watershed event in the history of the world, while examining the choices that people, groups, and governments made during WWII. We will review the ideas of how democratic institutions can be easily pulled apart through apathy and neglect. Best Practice activities will include ways to help our students understand the ramifications of racism, prejudice, and stereotyping, and why we continue to need to teach the lessons of the Holocaust in the twenty-first century.

Please download and print the following handouts for the Why Teach the Holocaust in 2019-2020 workshop:

Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust

Pyramid of Hate ADL

What Rights Are Most Important…

Why didn’t they just leave worksheet (on Museum letterhead)

 Emigration from Germany

Immigration Visas

Klaus Langer Excerpt about Emigration


Frank Meeink

“Assessment” (Poem)

Why Teach About the Holocaust filename-1 (15)

The Roles People Play  filename-1 (16)

Other Resources Used for Why Teach the Holocaust in 2019-2020

“The Two Deaths”

The World Cafe Instructions

Why Teach About the Holocaust in 2018

Frank Meeink USHMM podcast

The Political Spectrum–Lesson Notes

Political Spectrum Slides

1 USHMM Guidelines PowerPoint


Agenda for Why Teach the Holocaust in 2020

Oct. 4 Agenda

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