Grade 8


ELA Holocaust Curriculum Resources Overview

In eighth grade, there are two text sets available for teachers to choose to utilize in their classrooms to teach about the Holocaust. In each of these documents, teachers will find detailed, standards-based lessons provided that they can choose for their students. Teachers can decide which lessons and culminating activities to use to best fit the needs of their students, so a wide range of lessons and texts are available. Teachers may also choose to use their own materials to teach about the Holocaust.

Each text set has lessons arranged in four categories that follow a loose chronological order of events in the Holocaust: Understanding Identity and Culture, Rise of the Nazis, Life under Nazi Occupation, and Liberation, Survival, Justice, and Legacy. 

The recommended text set for eighth-grade teachers to choose is The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. This well-known text is used by many eighth-grade teachers already, but now we have provided a variety of companion texts to help students understand the challenges and choices that faced not only young people but their entire families during the Holocaust. The choices of those who helped those in need are also featured in the standards-based lessons provided in the text set. This text is offered in many places online in a digital format, but keep in mind that it may help students to fully understand the story and process it if they have a hard copy in their hands to read. 

You can access the curriculum resources below by turning the pages in the flipbook or downloading it.

The other text set available for teachers in eighth grade to use is I Have Lived a Thousand Years by Livia Bitton-Jackson. This memoir of a young girl from Hungary details the challenges that she and her family faced from being forced out of their home, living in a ghetto, being transported to Auschwitz, and then surviving a death march. The extraordinary story is told with great detail and from the perspective of a young girl, so would be a good way to prepare students before they may read Night in tenth grade. This text is not provided in a digital format and would need to be purchased. 

You can access the curriculum resources below by turning the pages in the flipbook or downloading it.